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Electrum-DASH 2.4.1


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Hash: SHA256

Build produced by Mazaclub
Electrum-DASH-2.4.1_Linux_x86_64-Installer.bin SHA1 Sum:
5c90fc174ed822c009514ce7d9dd24f71765d546  Electrum-DASH-2.4.1_Linux_x86_64-Installer.bin
Electrum-DASH-2.4.1_Linux_x86_64-Installer.bin MD5 Sum:
f8b1ac47131647fca971305c32a8c7b3  Electrum-DASH-2.4.1_Linux_x86_64-Installer.bin
Electrum-DASH-2.4.1-Installer.pkg SHA1 Sum:
845a8acdfb3673e2c37375f7f3547ebd837dd4a0  Electrum-DASH-2.4.1-Installer.pkg
Electrum-DASH-2.4.1-Installer.pkg MD5 Sum:
28a9487e6b43d0a2d9f505360f1188e3  Electrum-DASH-2.4.1-Installer.pkg
Electrum-DASH-2.4.1.tar.gz SHA1 Sum:
8c03683857ea6b742a4872539176bcfebf9d08ac  Electrum-DASH-2.4.1.tar.gz
Electrum-DASH-2.4.1.tar.gz MD5 Sum:
a2fa80487472e517d6a9418f3460b310  Electrum-DASH-2.4.1.tar.gz
Electrum-DASH-2.4.1.zip SHA1 Sum:
4dc3fb2706e185fe6dc7d8435a62699d267ce2ee  Electrum-DASH-2.4.1.zip
Electrum-DASH-2.4.1.zip MD5 Sum:
4bb35480676d36217eade5a9fbf6ba86  Electrum-DASH-2.4.1.zip
Electrum_DASH-2.4.1-py2.7.egg SHA1 Sum:
2ce812a1c5f78d60f86cfeacaa7236ed8e34c76b  Electrum_DASH-2.4.1-py2.7.egg
Electrum_DASH-2.4.1-py2.7.egg MD5 Sum:
20d5a1207dc96142345ddd1055323282  Electrum_DASH-2.4.1-py2.7.egg
Electrum-DASH-2.4.1-Windows-setup.exe SHA1 Sum:
f3adca34c316a8ca901c8981427e37bbd08712c1  Electrum-DASH-2.4.1-Windows-setup.exe
Electrum-DASH-2.4.1-Windows-setup.exe MD5 Sum:
2669187be78b7530f15b85789c54fc37  Electrum-DASH-2.4.1-Windows-setup.exe
Electrum-DASH-2.4.1-Windows.exe SHA1 Sum:
15dcaa32e1104bac02c3f83b9eb2121ad3d87d77  Electrum-DASH-2.4.1-Windows.exe
Electrum-DASH-2.4.1-Windows.exe MD5 Sum:
67528cdec196c0de686aad4a80929c28  Electrum-DASH-2.4.1-Windows.exe
BUILD COMMAND: ./build.sh 2.4.1 SIGNED 
BUILD SYSTEM ===================
Built with  url = https://github.com/guruvan/mazaclub-release
Build system commit: 729bce1c5bbb9b8d2c0f0c5daeee04b331890e95
git diff: diff --git a/helpers/build-common.sh b/helpers/build-common.sh
index fea3183..3dd8cd6 100755
- --- a/helpers/build-common.sh
+++ b/helpers/build-common.sh
@@ -201,6 +201,10 @@ pick_build () {
         for i in Windows Linux OSX ; do
+                elif [ "${TYPE}" = "SIGNED" ] ; then
+        for i in Windows Linux OSX ; do
+                   build_${i} 
+        done
                  fi || die 95
diff --git a/helpers/complete_release-package.sh b/helpers/complete_release-package.sh
index 4fe8750..10ce20c 100755
- --- a/helpers/complete_release-package.sh
+++ b/helpers/complete_release-package.sh
@@ -17,11 +17,12 @@ sign_release () {

   if [ "${TYPE}" = "SIGNED" ] ; then
- -    ${DOCKERBIN} push mazaclub/electrum-dash-winbuild:${VERSION}
- -    ${DOCKERBIN} push mazaclub/electrum-dash-release:${VERSION}
- -    ${DOCKERBIN} push mazaclub/electrum-dash32-release:${VERSION}
- -    ${DOCKERBIN} tag -f ogrisel/python-winbuilder mazaclub/python-winbuilder:${VERSION}
- -    ${DOCKERBIN} push mazaclub/python-winbuilder:${VERSION}
+    #${DOCKERBIN} push mazaclub/electrum-dash-winbuild:${VERSION}
+    #${DOCKERBIN} push mazaclub/electrum-dash-release:${VERSION}
+    #${DOCKERBIN} push mazaclub/electrum-dash32-release:${VERSION}
+    #${DOCKERBIN} tag -f ogrisel/python-winbuilder mazaclub/python-winbuilder:${VERSION}
+    #${DOCKERBIN} push mazaclub/python-winbuilder:${VERSION}
+    echo "docker push disabled - build host deprecated by dockerhub"

   if [ "${TYPE}" = "rc" ]; then export TYPE=SIGNED ; fi
diff --git a/helpers/config.sh b/helpers/config.sh
index 2031022..753d946 100755
- --- a/helpers/config.sh
+++ b/helpers/config.sh
@@ -41,4 +41,5 @@ if [[ -z "$DOCKERBIN" ]]; then
         echo "Using docker at $DOCKERBIN"
+cp build-config.sh helpers/

PRODUCT CODE ===================
Built from  url = https://github.com/mazaclub/electrum-dash
Built from commit aed9f4b68ff1bbcba2a55621937aa3df40e2cd6b
git diff: 
BUILD CONFIG ===================

export OS=build.sh
export VERSION=2.4.1
export FILENAME=Electrum-DASH-2.4.1.zip
export TARGETPATH=/Users/mazabot/DEVEL/electrum-DASH_dashpay-final/contrib/mazaclub-release/source/Electrum-DASH-2.4.1.zip
export TARGETFOLDER=/Users/mazabot/DEVEL/electrum-DASH_dashpay-final/contrib/mazaclub-release/source/Electrum-DASH-2.4.1
export DOCKERBIN=/usr/local/bin/docker
export DOCKERBIN=/usr/local/bin/docker
export DOCKERBIN=/usr/local/bin/docker
export DOCKERBIN=/usr/local/bin/docker
export DOCKERBIN=/usr/local/bin/docker

Release prepared by guruvan 6 Jan, 2016 ~12:00 
OSX 10.10.2
Signed by mazaclub release key. 
This file included as Electrum-DASH-2.4.1.sums-guruvan.asc



Source code (tar.gz)
Source code (zip)

Dogecoin Core 1.10.0

Dogecoin 1.10 is a complete rebuild based on Bitcoin 0.11. This means in terms of the code-base we introduced all the changes between Bitcoin 0.9 and 0.11 into this version of Dogecoin Core.
We therefore suggest to read the release notes of both Bitcoin 0.10 and Bitcoin 0.11. 1.10 is a recommended update for all users, and if you cannot update to 1.10 for whatever reason, you must update to 1.8.3 which is a critical security fix to 1.8.2.


To upgrade from any version below 1.10 you will need to re-index once, as the block database format has changed. If you run the Qt GUI client, it will prompt you to do so on the first start after the update. If you run a dogecoind daemon, you will need to start it with the parameter -reindex once after you updated. This process can take a few hours, depending on the performance of your machine.

IMPORTANT: During reindex transactions will be “replayed” by the wallet as they’re indexed, meaning that your balance will not necessarily be accurate until the end of the reindex process. Do not send transactions during reindex, as this may result in conflicted transactions once the reindex is complete.

Notable changes

For further explanation of these, see the above mentioned Bitcoin release notes.

Faster synchronization

Dogecoin Core 1.10 introduces headers-first and parallel block synchronization to greatly reduce the initial blockchain synchronization time.

Watch only address support

It is now possible to add public keys to your wallet that will be held in a “watch only” state. This means you will get information about incoming/outgoing transactions and resulting balance changes. Especially useful to keep track of your paper wallets.

Strict signature encoding (BIP66)

This release activates BIP66 which enforces strict rules about how transaction signatures are encoded and therefore will introduce a new block version (3). These rules will only activate once a certain number of blocks are mined with this new version. NOTE: This is not a hard fork, as all existing wallets will accept version 3 blocks, although they’ll fail to enforce the new requirements.

Block file pruning

It is possible to run a Dogecoin node without keeping the full blockchain on your disk. This is currently incompatible with having a wallet on that client due to the fact that some actions regarding a wallet require the full block data. The minimum amount of kept blocks has been changed from Bitcoin to reflect our shorter block times.

General comments

Please backup your wallet regularly and especially before performing this upgrade. Do not copy your wallet.dat while Dogecoin Core is open. Instead you should either use the backup feature you find in the “File” menu or shut down Dogecoin Core completely before you make a copy of your wallet.dat.

Bitshares Core GUI Release v2.0.170123

This is mostly a bug fix release.

Bug fixes

  • Use relative paths for fetching assets, fixed wallet creation issues
  • Fix some links in the light wallets
  • Fix market flipping for UIAs
  • Fix several bugs related to hash-history react router config
  • Change Graphene to BitShares
  • Replace graphenejs-lib with bitsharesjs
  • Fix npm errors
  • Fix line breaks for memos with very long words
  • Make sure asset actions render properly in AccountOverview
  • Ensure proxy accounts get resolved properly in Voting

Binary checksums

sha1: c27abd20f8f5053d9f608bb5b8764fd7eec0114b
sha256: f656d5af4836ce4926d0b99ce6b95815333c535f8c3f0fe2d3469e2e3cfc59db

sha1: b08c771d02cf0ec298933286dc25d890ed6e8924
sha256: 33c60344096dd2ef71a0312990a012a143ec2efef6ddea38da156f17fc4202a7

Compiled html/javascript

sha256: 67495f07a928fdea53241335c9bb94c78e748d476bbabf68812ead4c51a5b399
Uses browser history, requires nginx/apache server with special configuration.

sha256: 0717596ed25f098dc2d970eae0bd4e335ea12334b043c0819121c36a9a2e23d6
Uses hash history (#/ in the URL), can be used without a server.

ZCash 1.0.4

This release fixes several bugs, improves performance, and adjusts mining policies. With this release, private payments will get relayed and mined faster.

Summary of the changes in this release:

  1. We fixed a cache invalidation bug that caused some orphaned blocks to trigger node crashes. (#1928)
  2. We fixed a race condition that inhibited creation of multi-JoinSplit transactions. (#1911)
  3. We adjusted mining policies to encourage inclusion of transactions containing JoinSplits. (#1895, #1902)
  4. We improved rescan and reindex performance. (#1892, #1904)
  5. We improved zk-SNARK verification performance by 7%. (#1919, stats)
  6. We added additional well-formedness checks for JoinSplit proofs. (#1938)
  7. We added a fee parameter to z_sendmany. (#1907)
  8. We added a getlocalsolps RPC method for obtaining the mining rate without the metrics screen. (#1642)
  9. The Bash completion files were updated to work with zcashd. (#1909)
  10. The build scripts were extended to make porting Zcash to other platforms easier. (#1905)
  11. A checkpoint was added at block height 15,000. (#1865)

For a more complete list of changes, see our 1.0.4 milestone.

Waves Platform Testnet v0.5.0

Testnet v0.5.0

With this release we are restarting Testnet. You have to drop existing blockchain files.

  • The first release after merging in Scorex code base
  • Asset Burn transactions duplication bug was fixed
  • DEX Matcher bugs found during community testing were fixed
  • Option to set the UTX size was added, default UTX size was set to 10,000 transactions

Dash Core

Dash Core Release Announcement

We are happy to announce the release of This release includes binaries, which can be downloaded below.

About this Release

Dash Core is a maintenance release of the Dash Core 0.12.0.x series

In this minor release only bugfixes have been included and we consider this a stable release.

  • fixed a bug in budget submission

Changelog changelog

- [budget]: fix budget submission
    --> https://github.com/dashpay/dash/pull/877

Thanks to udjinm6, evan82, schinzelh

Ripple Version 0.50.0

The rippled 0.50.0 release includes TickSize, which allows gateways to set a “tick size” for assets they issue to to help promote faster price discovery and deeper liquidity, as well as reduce transaction spam and ledger churn on RCL. Ripple expects TickSize to be enabled via an Amendment called TickSize on Tuesday, 2017-02-21. This feature underlines Rippleā€™s continued support to improving RCL and making it even better suited for settlement of global payments.

You can update to the new version on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or CentOS 7 using yum. For other platforms, please compile the new version from source.

New and Updated Features

Problem & Solution

Currently, offers on RCL can differ by as little as one part in a quadrillion. This means that there is essentially no value to placing an offer early, as an offer placed later at a microscopically better price gets priority over it. The TickSize Amendment solves this problem by introducing a minimum tick size that a price must move for an offer to be considered to be at a better price. The tick size is controlled by the issuers of the assets involved.

When you place a buy offer, the amount of currency you will buy is respected. When you place a sell offer, the amount of currency you will sell is respected. If a tick size is in force, the other side of the offer will be rounded (in your favor) such that the ratio is rounded to the tick size before the offer is placed on the books.

TickSize does not affect the size of an offer. A trader can still trade microscopic amounts of an asset. It just affects the prices (ratio of in to out) at which offers can be placed on the books. For asset pairs with XRP, the tick size imposed, if any, is the tick size of the issuer of the non-XRP asset. For asset pairs without XRP, the tick size imposed, if any, is the smaller of the two issuer’s configured tick sizes.

The tick size is imposed by rounding the offer quality down to the nearest tick and recomputing the non-critical side of the offer. For a buy, the amount offered is rounded down. For a sell, the amount charged is rounded up.

Effects of TickSize Change

This change lets issuers quantize the exchange rates of offers to use a specified number of significant digits. Gateways must enable a TickSize on their account for this feature to benefit them. A single AccountSet transaction may set a “TickSize” parameter. Legal values are 0 and 3-15 inclusive. Zero removes the setting. 3-15 allow that many decimal digits of precision in the pricing of offers for assets issued by this account. It will still be possible to place an offer to buy or sell any amount of an asset and the offer will still keep that amount as exactly as it does now. If an offer involves two assets that each have a tick size, the smaller number of significant figures (larger ticks) controls.

Benefits of TickSize Change

The primary expected benefits of the TickSize amendment is the reduction of bots fighting over the tip of the order book, which means:

  • Quicker price discovery
  • Traders can’t be outbid by a microscopic amount
  • More offers left on the books
  • A reduction in offer creation and cancellation spam

We also expect larger tick sizes to benefit market makers in the following ways:

  • They increase the delta between the fair market value and the trade price, ultimately reducing spreads
  • They prevent market makers from consuming each other’s offers due to slight changes in perceived fair market value, which promotes liquidity
  • They promote faster price discovery since traders have to adjust their prices in financially distinct increments
  • They reduce transaction spam by reducing fighting over the tip of the order book and reducing the need to change offers due to slight price changes
  • They reduce ledger churn and metadata sizes by reducing the number of indexes each order book must have
  • They allow the order book as presented to traders to better reflect the actual book since these presentations are inevitably aggregated into ticks

Hardened TLS configuration

This release updates the default TLS configuration for rippled. The new release supports only 2048-bit DH parameters and defines a new default set of modern ciphers to use, removing support for ciphers and hash functions that are no longer considered secure.

Server administrators who wish to have different settings can configure custom global and per-port cipher suites in the configuration file using the ssl_ciphers directive.

0.50.0 Change Log

  • Remove websocketpp support (#1910)
  • Increase OpenSSL requirements & harden default TLS cipher suites (#1913)
  • Move test support sources out of ripple directory (#1916)
  • Enhance ledger header RPC commands (#1918)
  • Add support for tick sizes (#1922)
  • Port discrepancy-test.coffee to c++ (#1930)
  • Remove redundant call to clearNeedNetworkLedger (#1931)
  • Port freeze-test.coffee to C++ unit test. (#1934)
  • Fix CMake docs target to work if BOOST_ROOT is not set (#1937)
  • Improve setup for account_tx paging test (#1942)
  • Eliminate npm tests (#1943)
  • Port uniport js test to cpp (#1944)
  • Enable amendments in genesis ledger (#1944)
  • Trim ledger data in Discrepancy_test (#1948)
  • Add “current_ledger” field to “fee” result (#1949)
  • Cleanup unit test support code (#1953)
  • Add ledger save / load tests (#1955)
  • Remove unused websocket files (#1957)
  • Update RPC handler role/usage (#1966)

Bug Fixes

  • Validator’s manifest not forwarded beyond directly connected peers (#1919)