Bitshares Core GUI Release v2.0.170123

This is mostly a bug fix release.

Bug fixes

  • Use relative paths for fetching assets, fixed wallet creation issues
  • Fix some links in the light wallets
  • Fix market flipping for UIAs
  • Fix several bugs related to hash-history react router config
  • Change Graphene to BitShares
  • Replace graphenejs-lib with bitsharesjs
  • Fix npm errors
  • Fix line breaks for memos with very long words
  • Make sure asset actions render properly in AccountOverview
  • Ensure proxy accounts get resolved properly in Voting

Binary checksums

sha1: c27abd20f8f5053d9f608bb5b8764fd7eec0114b
sha256: f656d5af4836ce4926d0b99ce6b95815333c535f8c3f0fe2d3469e2e3cfc59db

sha1: b08c771d02cf0ec298933286dc25d890ed6e8924
sha256: 33c60344096dd2ef71a0312990a012a143ec2efef6ddea38da156f17fc4202a7

Compiled html/javascript
sha256: 67495f07a928fdea53241335c9bb94c78e748d476bbabf68812ead4c51a5b399
Uses browser history, requires nginx/apache server with special configuration.
sha256: 0717596ed25f098dc2d970eae0bd4e335ea12334b043c0819121c36a9a2e23d6
Uses hash history (#/ in the URL), can be used without a server.