PascalCoin Wallet -1.5.4

  • Added Network Timestamp Adjustment (NAT) to calc valid timestamps
    • Minimum 4 active connections to calc median used for NAT, otherwise use local timestamp
    • Based on IP’s (to prevent a malicious IP timejacking, each IP is only used once)
    • Removed IP’s and recalculated after disconnecting (to prevent malicious node connecting/disconnecting for timejacking)
  • New blocks will not be accepted if using future timestamp greater than NAT timestamp + 15 seconds (also, mantaining current protocol rule >= lastBlock.timestamp)
  • Network protocol fixed to 5-5 (Nodes with version prior to 1.5 will not be allowed)
  • Added protection for non included operations on a block, to prevent continuous sending. Only will resend operations once.
  • Bug #27 fixed: Invalid timestamp on FPC (
    • Method "getconnections" added "timediff" to know timestamp diff of node
    • Method "payloaddecrypt" added "unenc_hexpayload" result value with HEXASTRING of unencrypted payload
  • Fixed some "Random Memory access violation errors" bugs found caused by multithreading and disconnected nodes##Downloads
    Source code (tar.gz)
    Source code (zip)

PascalCoin Wallet -1.5.3

Build – 2017-03-06

  • Fixed issue #23: RPC findoperation fails to find operation by opHash
  • Miners best practices: Sending new job with new timestamp every 30 seconds
  • Buffering last 10 sent jobs to miners
  • Small delay prior to destroy a connection to prevent exception handling
  • Minor logs changes


    Source code (tar.gz)
    Source code (zip)

PascalCoin Wallet – 1.5.2

Build – 2017-03-03

  • Added a jobs buffer for miners. This will allow to submit old job solutions (limited buffer). (Fix the “tx” issue)
  • Miner jobs will not be sent every time a transaction is received, thet will be buffered and sent every few seconds (Fix the “tx” issue)
  • Better network performance, allowing more operations and nodes thanks to buffering before relaying
  • Daemon: Allow select on ini file how many connections can handle
  • Fixed a locking when deleting connections##Downloads
    Source code (tar.gz)
    Source code (zip)

Pascal Coin Wallet –

# Pascal Coin: P2P Cryptocurrency without need of historical operations.

Copyright (c) 2016 Albert Molina

THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL SOFTWARE. Use it for educational purposes only.

This software is a Node of the Pascal Coin P2P Cryptocurrency.
It can be used to Mine and Explore blocks and operations.

Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying file
LICENSE or visit

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project and Denis
Grinyuk (, and some
cryptographic functions inspirated in code written by Ladar Levison and
Marco Ferrante.
Original source code is written in Pascal Language and is available at


See instructions at GitHub Wiki:

Enjoy Pascal Coin!

Also, consider a donation at PascalCoin development account: “0-10”

### Build – 2017-02-20

– Memory leak fixed on RPC-JSON commands
– Memory leak fixed on node connections
– Improved network speed processing new blocks/operations
– Some minor bugs



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