WavesPlatform Wallet – v0.3.9

Mainnet v0.3.9

This is a validation rules optimization release. It could be applied above existing blockchain files. Please, replace the jar file or update your DEB installation.


Source code (tar.gz)
Source code (zip)

WavesPlatform – v0.6.0

Testnet v0.6.0

Testnet is restarted again. This time from the block 4908. Please, drop existing blockchain files.

  • The DEX’s Order Match transaction has been changed. This is the main reason for restarting Testnet. Now, a second asset of transaction’s pair is used to set an amount of the transaction.
  • LPOS was implemented. New Leasing and Leasing Cancel transactions were added.
  • New, HOCON based, configuration file. Old configuration file (JSON based) is supported in this release for backward compatibility. Automatic configuration file conversion added to DEB packages.##Downloads
    Source code (tar.gz)
    Source code (zip)

Waves Platform Testnet v0.5.0

Testnet v0.5.0

With this release we are restarting Testnet. You have to drop existing blockchain files.

  • The first release after merging in Scorex code base
  • Asset Burn transactions duplication bug was fixed
  • DEX Matcher bugs found during community testing were fixed
  • Option to set the UTX size was added, default UTX size was set to 10,000 transactions