Ethcore Parity-v1.6.3

This release fixes issue compatibility with Safari on MacOS.

OS Architecture File MD5 Checksum
linux aarch64 parity_1.6.3_arm64.deb 924bb9453441f42a5badfea3ac006832
linux armv7 parity_1.6.3_armhf.deb 2b7f8bebeab984e4950bc038a972ae9b
linux x86_64 parity_1.6.3_amd64.deb 358ad5948c0e2aac4b60b7a575a375a7
darwin x86_64 parity-1.6.3-osx-installer.pkg 0fddd59c4104d26bafb0b1e2baf8a795
windows x86_64 parity-1.6.3-windows-installer.exe 60fe1b73a92c4f52d349244e0e0f0f04

Source code (tar.gz)
Source code (zip)

Ethcore Parity-v1.6.2

A major release introducing a few new features:

  • Revamped UI.
  • Account Vaults.
  • Support for Ledger hardware wallet devices.
  • Stratum protocol for PoW mining.
  • A new MacOS installer. Parity for MacOS now includes a Menu Bar icon that allows controlling Parity service.
  • Disk backed transaction store. Pending transactions are now saved to disk and won’t get lost when Parity is restarted.
  • Improved memory management.

See the blog post for more details.

OS Architecture File MD5 Checksum
linux aarch64 parity_1.6.2_arm64.deb e30fd619d0200ba0f7297f7891858f66
linux armv7 parity_1.6.2_armhf.deb dc768005de4e081832197dc61149bb61
linux x86_64 parity_1.6.2_amd64.deb 287820da29843c2f3dedbd31df68e452
darwin x86_64 parity-1.6.2-osx-installer.pkg ee8d8bb3d02c7d84e47bf32e57375ae4
windows x86_64 parity-1.6.2-win64-installer.exe 9dcfcf13c6d74462797a47d59e650988

Source code (tar.gz)
Source code (zip)

Ethcore Parity-v1.5.7

This release resolves a single issue with failing auto-updates.

OS Architecture File MD5 Checksum
linux armv7 parity_1.5.7_armhf.deb 839c06e801d6ebc3ca546b5d17a61b13
linux aarch64 parity_1.5.7_arm64.deb 1c1c31875fad9deb3d3202a970b43299
linux x86_64 parity_1.5.7_amd64.deb d8fbd5f71b5b436e1a45d7359e26bc0c
windows x86_64 InstallParity.exe f756ff5fe85bebd67027828e74c951e0
darwin x86_64 parity-1.5.7-osx-installer-EXPERIMENTAL.pkg 2d07b2739ae6719b4621116c385b2a5f


Source code (tar.gz)
Source code (zip)

Ethcore Parity-v1.5.6

This release among various stability fixes adds support for a new Kovan testnet.

See full list of changes.

OS Architecture File MD5 Checksum
linux aarch64 parity_1.5.6_arm64.deb 94c456ac9fd80064aa6461f1219583e5
linux armv7 parity_1.5.6_armhf.deb 442d34eec54d43f0c6cb5fd1925fc112
linux x86_64 parity_1.5.6_amd64.deb d93a9f395373ab4a921c3db918618a53
darwin x86_64 parity-1.5.6-osx-installer-EXPERIMENTAL.pkg f2fa1dc02cde0bdc4cb11882d41f3260
windows x86_64 InstallParity.exe a200b4af3e8ba718cb99e0349973c458##Downloads

Source code (tar.gz)
Source code (zip)

Ethereum Wallet and Mist 0.8.9 – “The Wizard”

Mist Wizard Installer

  • Full fledged Windows Installers: This version includes the new installer for Windows created by @tgerring, which lets you choose the directory to install Mist in, as well as the data-dir of the ethereum node. It’s one installer for both 32 and 64-bit computers.

Note that the data-dir is set as a parameter in Mist shortcut properties, at the installation stage; not in Mist’s preferences.

  • App Signing: Mist for Mac OS X is now signed by the Ethereum Foundation.
  • Solidity Compiler: Now featuring version 0.4.8.

Remix IDE

  • Remix IDE option on menu 0.8.9 also has a new menu entry to open Remix IDE, so now you have plenty of room to write your contracts without leaving Mist. Head to Develop > Open Remix IDE.


  • A test suite is born: It was about time for Mist to have a solid set of integration tests. Now we’re starting to kill this debt with a Spectron-powered test suite, that uses the amazing to interact with the webview instances.
  • Fixes offline startup edge case #1571.

See the full changelog at Milestone 0.8.9.

Checksums (SHA256)








Ethereum Classic Wallet 0.9.1 (Pre Release)

Ethereum Classic Wallet which downloads latest stable Geth release.

598711eacb76ab4a5e48e32523017c296d3ad339c0cb1c4038ade176d095ca89  Ethereum-Classic-Wallet-macosx-0-9-1.dmg
43b2da0e1c87957c4a9dbf49a7d1494518e993fce96b962c76b1ff23f4bbb590  Ethereum-Classic-Wallet-win64-0-9-1.exe


Ethereum Classic Mist Wallet – 0.8.1 (1.4.10 go-ethereum)

This release contains a version of geth 1.4.10 specifically developed to work on the Ethereum Classic network. Without any flags, choices or additional setup you can use the Ethereum Classic network, with every feature working with ETC data.

ETC Mist Wallet currently has working conversions and easy access to’s Shifty API. Revenue is generated through use of the Shifty API, revenue from this feature are currently collected by @whatisgravity (Shifty referral rewards address 1NxwU6dqeT77kFHwg7wwZLSsk9QGJ6djyr). Any revenue fees will be handed over to the community development initiative.

This is a test pre-release, the OSX application is not signed because our organization does not yet have a key and the windows builds are not thoroughly tested. If the release is successful, signed Mist Browser builds will be released alongside a Mist Wallet release with enhanced security.

Please report any issues, and provide detailed information to make it easier for us to reproduce and resolve any issues quickly. Improved build scripts and in depth Linux build instructions are in the process of being edited for release. Please be specific and submit pull requests with reasoning when possible.

Edit OSX binary updated, still not yet signed, so requires third party applications enabled. Please report any errors, this is still a pre-release test build.

Release Status Comment
Linux Working One reported issue
OSX Working, not signed Sign binary with new key
Windows 32-bit Working Review gulp script and review issues
Windows 64-bit Working Review gulp script and review issues