PascalCoin Wallet -1.5.4

  • Added Network Timestamp Adjustment (NAT) to calc valid timestamps
    • Minimum 4 active connections to calc median used for NAT, otherwise use local timestamp
    • Based on IP’s (to prevent a malicious IP timejacking, each IP is only used once)
    • Removed IP’s and recalculated after disconnecting (to prevent malicious node connecting/disconnecting for timejacking)
  • New blocks will not be accepted if using future timestamp greater than NAT timestamp + 15 seconds (also, mantaining current protocol rule >= lastBlock.timestamp)
  • Network protocol fixed to 5-5 (Nodes with version prior to 1.5 will not be allowed)
  • Added protection for non included operations on a block, to prevent continuous sending. Only will resend operations once.
  • Bug #27 fixed: Invalid timestamp on FPC (
    • Method "getconnections" added "timediff" to know timestamp diff of node
    • Method "payloaddecrypt" added "unenc_hexpayload" result value with HEXASTRING of unencrypted payload
  • Fixed some "Random Memory access violation errors" bugs found caused by multithreading and disconnected nodes##Downloads
    Source code (tar.gz)
    Source code (zip)

PascalCoin Wallet -1.5.3

Build – 2017-03-06

  • Fixed issue #23: RPC findoperation fails to find operation by opHash
  • Miners best practices: Sending new job with new timestamp every 30 seconds
  • Buffering last 10 sent jobs to miners
  • Small delay prior to destroy a connection to prevent exception handling
  • Minor logs changes


    Source code (tar.gz)
    Source code (zip)

PascalCoin Wallet – 1.5.2

Build – 2017-03-03

  • Added a jobs buffer for miners. This will allow to submit old job solutions (limited buffer). (Fix the “tx” issue)
  • Miner jobs will not be sent every time a transaction is received, thet will be buffered and sent every few seconds (Fix the “tx” issue)
  • Better network performance, allowing more operations and nodes thanks to buffering before relaying
  • Daemon: Allow select on ini file how many connections can handle
  • Fixed a locking when deleting connections##Downloads
    Source code (tar.gz)
    Source code (zip)